Why Cebu Is Lovely

Posted on Saturday, November 3, 2012 |

After spending a day at Costabella, we decided to head to the city to meet up with Trisha's friend - Atty. Gochangko.  I have not met him before and I have heard a lot about him so I just felt so excited to see him finally.  

Though Trisha was very pissed off during the 2-hour trip from Mactan to Cebu City because she lost her cardigan at Costabella, she managed to talk when we were near Castlepeak, our hotel for the night.   Inside the cab, I engaged myself to talking to the driver while April was fast asleep and Trisha was zoning out. 

When we arrived at the hotel, we just did some minor freshening up because Atty. Gochangko has been waiting for us.  Of course, we felt guilty for having him wait for the three of us and among the three of us, Trisha won't be able to forgive herself for giving Atty. Gochangko a little fuss on his Sunday night.

We walked to the nearest Japanese restaurant from the hotel.  But as soon as we got there, all tables were taken so Atty. Gochangko brought us to Banri Noodle House.  It was three stores away from Vudu!  I had such happy memories in that place while I was in Cebu reviewing for the CGFNS exam.  

I know how useless of a blogger I am for not being able to remember the names of the food but the one on the left is tuna which was very mouth-watering  the one beside it is Beef Teppanyaki which was equally good. 

I am not very picky when it comes to food and so if you have the same taste as mine, I am so sure that you will love everything at Banri. 

Above is prawn tempura rolled in vinegar rice topped with tempura flakes and drizzled with sweet ginger soy sauce.  While I was writing that, it gave me flashbacks of how it tasted when I was eating it.  Yum!!!! 

I am not really a big fan of sushi but this one was the best! In between each serving of the fish and the rice was a small amount of Wasabi and the "hotness" of it was just right! I also love this! =) 

The Triumvirate looking full and happy! 

Trisha with Atty. Gochangko! Thanks for the free dinner Atty and nice meeting you! =) 

Next stop was Distillery Cebu, the first branch outside Manila.  I was even laughing because the whole place felt like we were in Manila minus the sea of people bumping each other.

And of course, I obliged with posing in front of these alcoholic drinks!

Vivi and Trisha in complementing stripeys! 

And of course, thanks to Trisha and April for the spur-of-the-moment Cebu trip!  I coudn't wish for more... I had so much fun... =) 

 We wrapped up the night at the only Ayala Mall in Cebu and while going around PowerBooks we saw Shobe, our batch-mate from college.  She's in the Philippines for a short vacation from her work in New York.  She was so giddy as she told me that she's still with Carlo, my dorm-mate from college.

Here's our photo since we were not allowed to take pictures inside the bookstore. 

L-R: April, Vivi, Shobe, Trisha

For now, I will leave you with photo of me at the Ayala Terraces Cebu bringing a venti-sized paper cup of coffee from Starbucks.  

This looks like a snapshot by the paparazzi and I happily posed for them.  

Goodnight Sugbu, 'til we meet again! 

I love you!


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