Christmas Parties Here There And Everywhere

Posted on Sunday, December 23, 2012 |

Christmas is one of the most-awaited holidays in the Philippines.  During this time of the year, get-togethers and parties abound.  In fact, you seem to question statistics when they talk about the poverty level of our country.  You will be very surprised to see a lot of people in malls and restaurants.

This year, my  December weekends were packed with Christmas parties and I was very involved! It started off with the hospital-wide Christmas party themed “MMC Goes Global”.  I was part of the registration team during this event.  The whole time, I really thought it was going to be a fun role to play only to find out that we won’t have a good view of the presentations from the participating groups for the dance contest. 
Last year, my group got the third place in the said competition.  This year, I opted not to join the contest because I wanted to concentrate on the other aspects of my life and just really avoid being stressed with late night practices.  At the back of my mind, I felt that I gave my all last year which gives me enough reason to just relax this year.  But my support to my team did not wane.  During their performance, all I did was scream at the top of my lungs to give my all-out support. And they won! Congratulations to the combined effort of the Laboratory and Pathology Department together with Radiology Department and  Corporate Health and Wellness of Makati Medical Center for winning 1st place in the yearly MMC Christmas Party Dance Contest in 2012!

Registration gates opened at five in the afternoon...
Most of the employees came early to  reserve the best seats for the party. 

The next day, was the party of the Nuclear Medicine Department and I hosted the said event.  The theme of the party was Gangnam Style which explains the parade of colorful outfits!

Celeste, my co-host, wore the traditional costume of Korean women... I think she was rooting for  the Jewel-In-The-Palace look! 

Orange burst!
Not so sure why I posed this way!!!! Sooo not me! Hahahaha! =) 
For some unknown reasons, I dont know why I did this... =) Hahaha! 

I still managed to squeeze in some more partying at Izumi with The Dolls because I have not seen them for the longest time.  Let’s say a month or so, and I miss them badly!

The third Christmas party that I went to this year was the Christmas party of the Service Operations and Quality Management where we danced Tiny Bubbles and Oppa Gangnam Style.  The best part of the night was when I get to touch the “okra” of the boys! I had so much fun playing the game… I’m sure the boys felt the same way!

Please explain this... Hahaha! =)) 

To be continued…

September marks the start of the Christmas season but for me it starts after Halloween. 


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