The French Sweetness In A Cronut - Le Coeur De France

Posted on Saturday, September 28, 2013 |
After work I decided to treat myself at this French resto and cafe - Le Coeur De France.  The most convenient branch if you're from MakatiMed is the one in Alphaland near the Magallanes MRT Station. 

And gladly announced that I am no longer a croughnut/cronut-virgin on Instagram for only Php 89 per piece. 

It tasted like a better-tasting croissant with chocolate toppings.  I don't have any comparison though because its my first time but at least I have a benchmark already.  

Of course it had to go with a Hot Hazelnut Coffee, which complemented the sweetness of the croughnut.  

I gave myself a treat after a week of work.  I feel that I trully deserved everything that's getting inside my sexy lips. That does not include the thing you're thinking. 


Hi! I am LiLi! said...

Gee! This made me want to eat something plus a cup of coffee. 9 minutes more and it's kaflawon na. :(

Vitori Vita said...

Hahahaha!!!! Sorry Li.... You browsed at the wrong blog....

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