Post-Beer Gelato at Caffe Ti-amo

Posted on Saturday, October 5, 2013 |
After work, all I wanted to do was scream "TGIF!"  But I was not able to do it because there are better things worth shouting for like "Scrap Pork Barrel!!!!"  I'm sure that's what everyone's doing as they march along Ayala Avenue.  I am proud of this scarce population because they are brave enough to voice out their dismay and anger on the widespread corruption in the goverment. I was not able to join them but my prayers and thoughts are with them because I am a tax payer and I deserve the right to know where my taxes go. 

Like all good Fridays, it has to end with a bottle of beer. Take note - just a bottle!  I was actually fighting for all the other evils inside me because I was so tempted to smoke.  The last time I did it was at the Cosmo Bachellor Bash 2013.  However, I was not able to fight the urge to order my favorite House Crispy Sisig.  Let pork be my guilty pleasure for now.  

Our favorite server, Gerson, was so happy to see us.  He said we've been away from Namnam for almost a month and we haggled because we were gone for two weekends only.  But honestly, we stopped counting.  

This is Gerson pouring my cold glass of beer with so much love.  He's always the nicest.  He makes all of us feel like we're VIP's. 

After that bottle of beer, I was craving for something sweet and the good thing was Honey felt the same way.  Being my partner in crime, I am happy that we seem to like and dislike the same things. So arguing on where to go next does not involve grappling like the ones you see on  a UFC fight night.  

We really thought of Gelatissimo but when we got inside Greenbelt 5 and was drawn to Steve Madden and Mango, our feet brought us to this gelato cafe - caffee Ti-amo.

I ordered my personal favorite pang masa dessert - blueberry cheesecake gelato. There were a few flavors that I tried but thought that I'd go for predictable and safe.  

I was enjoying my gelato under this small tree while Honey kept tinkering on her phone - our way of socializing. 

We decided we had to go home because her battery has only
3% left.  iPhone battery has always been a bubble-burster. 

We ended the night very early because we thought that another good way to enioy the Friday was to talk while lying down on the bed.  

And then I turned my back on her and started snoring. 


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