Divergent Mania Hits Manila

Posted on Sunday, March 23, 2014 |
For the past months I have been raving about Veronica Roth's Divergent Series because I was among the first few who finished reading it with my Kindle Fire. (Do I really have to say that? LOL!)  Some of my friends laughed at me because I seem to have regressed from 29 going 13 for reading something a teenager would be swooning over. But it did not matter because it was entertaining and not all books are. Right? 

Yesterday, we watched its film adaptation from the same studio that brought us Hunger Games and it did not disappoint at all.  Guessing from how my seatmates (readers and non-readers of the book) reacted to each scene, I knew that they enjoyed every minute of it.  And I love knowing that.

Below are the descriptions of the 5 factions to give you an idea about the movie. 

I realized that I might be divergent too because I am a little bit of Amity and Erudite.

And on my way home from work today, I saw some Dauntless at work. 

Some philosophies of the Divergent series are quite inclined to tones of bisexualism but that's quite deep of an insight.  I'd rather stick to the idea that we cannot be encapsulated in just one virtue. We are humans and we are capable of being selfless, honest, fierce, intelligent and kind all at one time.  

Right now, I am still reading Allegiant and I am excited to finish it so I can read Divergent again. Talk about some level of addiction huh? 

I cannot stop thinking that Tobias looks like this when all the while I set a limit on his level of attractiveness in my imagination. Damn me. He's so hot! 


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