Spätzle Euro Market Cafe

Posted on Saturday, March 15, 2014 |

Its quite rare that we get explore the other side of culinary adventures that Ortigas area offers here in Metro Manila.

It was a coincidence that my friend, Jake asked us to accompany him to Shangri-la Mall because he wants to buy a luggage from The Travel Club.  

We all know that Shang (Short for Shangri-la Mall) can be a very difficult place to look for stores if you are new in the area or if you rarely visit this mall.  I noticed that there were less roving guards around the mall to ask for directions so you will have to figure things out on your own.

I love their interior design.  Felt like I was in Europe or Germany at that. 

I adore their lights. 

I also love this healthy drink.  Its sparkling water with so many citrus stuff in it. 

Weekend Roas Pork Belly was very good and full of cholesterol.  But I will never be guilty of it because it was soooo good. 

I forgot about this forgetable dish.  So please don't order this.  Nothing special about it.  

There goes the whole culinary experience.  Let me know if you get to taste other dishes.  I'm sure there are others worth trying too. 

Next time, I will order spätzle. My cousin got so mad I did not order it.  I told her there's always a next time.  

See yah in our next culinary adventures.  I really like typing that - culinary adventures! Yum! 


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