Ziggurat Cuisine in Makati

Posted on Friday, July 11, 2014 |

If you have a friend who is in constant pursuit of the most authentic Middle Eartern food, then most likely you'll find yourself eating at almost any Middle Eastern restaurant in the metro.  Where ever that resto is, we'll go there just because I don't mind taking a gastronomic detour too. 

We had a difficult time ordering because they offer a variety of choices and their menu is not very customer-friendly. 

Honey and I have agreed to just share the platter of personal size because I was not very hungry.  I just wanted to give Ziggurat a try.  On their personal platter which is good for two people, you already have some little pieces of beef, chicken, and lamb kebab. 

We loved both the beef and chicken kebab and not raving about the lamb kebab cooked half-rare.  They should have told us earlier how they're going to cook it because it was our first time. 

We also loved the chicken tikka because it was juicy and very easy to the jaw.  No gnawing of unexplained proportions needed. 

Because of the spices used for cooking, you might have to deal with the strong Middle Eastern scent as you get inside the restaurant.

The whole time we thought the chef of the restaurant was a foreigner.  We were quite amazed that it was a Filipino cook who prepared the food.  We'd like to believe that the chef was trained in the Middle East because he has captured the essence of that part of Asia as attested by my Persian friend.  

We'll give Ziggurat a rating of 3.5 over 5. 

'Til our next gastronomic adventures!


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