Mass at Century City Mall (1100H)

Posted on Thursday, July 10, 2014 |
Last Sunday, I went to church to thank God for the gift He gave me last Thursday.  This gift has been prayed for by my friends and family as it has always been my dream to have better opportunities in life both for my parents and for those surrounding me.  I have prayed for it too but still feels unworthy of such gifts for I know I have not been a good person.  These gifts humble in so many ways and I cannot help but be grateful.

I attended the 11:00 AM mass at the Function Hall of Century Mall Makati as it was the closest chapel from Honey's place.

The last time I was here, Honey and I had a very random dinner with a patient who had a test at Makati Medical Center.  Only then did I find out that he's a broker for Century Properties. 

It was kind of glary inside the chapel but it also awakens you at some point.  Which I think is a good thing.  I hate admitting that I stayed up very late to watch that Argentina vs. Belgium the night before. 

I like how natural light is used to illuminate the place of worship.  I am sure foreigners will be amazed at the idea of a church inside a mall.  Its quite common to have one here in the Philippines especially in Metro Manila.  

After going to church, you can have breakfast at CaliBurger but I suggest that you go to Early Bird Breakast because its a lot better.  CaliBurger has nothing special on it. 

On my way down to Starbucks for Honey's coffee, I took a very beautiful photo of the elevator.  I got lucky on the lighting.  This mall can be very quiet on Sunday mornings and I love it! 

This is what I wore last Sunday.  Been wearing my Nike sneakers because its so comfy but I am not so sure if its stylish enough.  

The real fashionista is Honey who wore her favorite New Balance sneakers.  I wish I could take a closer photo of it in the future.  Photo was taken outside the walls of Berjaya Hotel in Makati.  

Wishing that I'd be able to go to church every Sunday.  I'd like to think of it my little moments of bowing down to God and being grateful for all the things He has given me.  

'Til our next city adventures! #kisses


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