Transgender Women: Andreja Pejic, BB Gandanghari, Rianne Barrameda

Posted on Saturday, July 26, 2014 |
I have always been fascinated with transgender women even before they were called that name.  The society I run around usually call them Lady Boys, Crossdressers, or just simply "Gay". 

Recently, someone from the transgender women community came out to tell her story.  I couldn't help but be amazed at how pretty she was.  She has been Jean Paul Gaultier and Marc Jacob's runway muse.  

After a little googling, I found out that she was discovered at McDonald's in Melbourne, Australia but she was originally from Bosnia.  Her name is Andreja Pejic but was born Andrej Pejic.  

Below are some of the photos I grabbed from her Instagram account @andrejapejic. 

She reminds me of Olivia Palermo in this photo. 

Flat-chested sexy. 

This is such a cute photo of her and her mother.

This was in one of her campaigns for Mode Creation Munich. 

I managed to scavenge from a Russian website a photo of Andreja Kissing an unknown guy.  

But in the local scene, the actor who used to be an action star in the Philippine movies also came out as gay and started dressing up like a girl.  She was born Rustom Padilla but declared her male self dead as her new identity BB Gandanghari was born.  

The handsome Rustom Padilla. 

The transformation as BB Gandanghari.  Got the photo from 

I even personally know someone from my hometown and would like to claim that we are cousins as she's really beautiful.  Noone will ever mistake her as a transgender woman unless she starts talking. 

Meet Rianne Barrameda born Crison Pagon.  She won Miss Amazing Philippines in 2007.  

Its very much in our genes.  I feel some gorgeousness in our bloodline. LOL!  Another photo I found on Google Images.  

There are many transgender women I look up to not because I want to be one but because I adore their strength in going through a tedious process of psychotherapy and hormone therapy prior to the surgery. 

I am very happy and proud of these transgender women.  May all the things they go through to be where they are be worth it.  

I'm sure it is. Definitely.


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