Bummer Weekend

Posted on Sunday, January 23, 2011 |
I planned to stay at home the whole weekend to finish all the things that I should have done weeks ago.

-> Laundry - This does not end. Honestly, I do my own laundry. I used to ask Manang to wash it for me but I realized that I can do it on my own, hassle-free with the help of a washer.

-> Papers for Canada - My mom has been pressuring the hell out of me to start working on my Canadian papers because she will be sending it to my Aunts and Uncles for processing. I have tried to read some of it but it makes me sleepy. Hence, the no-touching of such documents.

-> Cleaning My Room - Since I am staying with Uncles here in Manila, it should be with due respect that I clean my own room. To show them, that the space they have provided me "for free" is well-taken cared of.

-> Appy's Must-Reads for Hong Kong and Macau - Yes! You heard it right... It's not going to be Taipei anymore... The Triumvirate will conquer Hong Kong and Macau instead. But looking at it... Our schedules just dont jive... I dont want to go there in April... I wanna go there in June... And I can just imagine the debt I might go into... I just wanna attack it realistically... People have been telling us to bring more money... By the way, I will have to talk to everyone just to make sure that we are on the right page.

So I was not able to accomplish everything above because I was sick. I hate Bioflu... It did not make me feel any better... Compared to my lovely BIOGESIC... Just one tablet and I feel better... I was amazed that I did not become dizzy while typing this post... Thank you BIOGESIC and Thank you Lord!

PS - Should try to take care of my body now... Please dont let me abuse my health... Tsk. Tsk... I smoked after work and before going home... And I almost fell... I was dizzy... Will try to have myself checked tomorrow... =)


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