Bread and Peanut Butter

Posted on Saturday, January 29, 2011 |
It felt good.... I woke up today without the pain of tonsillitis... Isnt it amazing? =) Finally, I can say that Augmentin works for me and I have not developed resistance on it...

Because I woke up pain-free, I was inspired to cook breakfast for my cousins. I went to the kitchen and sliced some SPAM, fried it with some onions and VOILA! It was a scrumptous breakfast on the table ready for the taking.

I also toasted some bread and spread some peanut butter with honey on top. I can say that it was indeed a heavy breakfast but I love it so much. Seeing my cousins eat everything that I prepared, melted my heart because it feels so good.

But there is one person who was very puzzled why I seem non-existent, its Linda. So I called her and told her that I am still alive only that I am living in a different plane. She also told me that Gael is so busy preparing for her 2 million peso worth dental clinic. Man! Thats big money... But I am happy for her. That's her longtime dream...

And by the way, Ter and Dursky just hanged out at Greenbelt 5. We looked at the bag sold at Aranaz that my friend Dursky designed for the brand. It was his winning moment. But we went home rightaway because I live far from the world. I just had to because my feet hurts and same with Terj too.


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