RedBox Night - Greenbelt 3

Posted on Saturday, November 12, 2011 |

I have a gazillion posts in my bucket that are waiting to get published because I have been nothing but busy and lazy these past few days. (But it only applies to blogging!) I think my active lifestyle took me away from the blogosphere. Which I think is a good thing actually.

When I came in for work yesterday, my boss told me that she's happy to see me happy. And I politely replied that its TGIF for me since I am not on-duty today.

Gj, asked me what I'd be doing after work and I replied to her through BBM that I am going to have Yoga or Core-Strengthening session at Makati Medical Center's Ledesma Hall. Other than that, I have no other plans so I am entertaining the idea that we might hang out after my deadly yoga sessions.

It was eazy breezy at work that day. I found a new zest and just swayed through the day.

I was surprised when I arrived at the venue and found my exercise-mates giggling as they mimic a lady in front. I knew it. Its not going to be yoga today. Instead, its going to be Zumba. I hurriedly went to my post without the chance of warming-up for the exercise because I was late.

During the water-break, I received a call from Sir Celso regarding our plans for the hospital-wide dance contest for the Christmas Party. And it excites me so much. I am just wondering how I'd be able to juggle my exercise over the dance rehearsals. I say "good luck" to me.

It was raining hard when I got out of the hospital from the Zumba class so instead of walking to Greenbelt, I had to take a cab.

When I arrived at Redbox Greenbelt 3, Gj was still having her gift wrapped at Landmark for the christening of her colleagues' baby. Because with me was my yoga mat and a gazillion stuff inside my bag, I had to look for a chair where I can sit while waiting for Gj. It was a "mentos" moment when I saw the chairs outside Gerry's Grill. What a relief! At last, I was able to sit.

I spotted Belinda and Ella so they kinda kept me company for a while until Gj came.

I was kinda shy at first when I met Gj's colleagues. Of course, I've met them before but in the Filipino culture you have to act as if you're really shy then try to test the waters if they'll be tolerant if you show your wild side or your true shameless self. In fairness to the boys and a lady, they were cool.

In fact, I ate the crispy pata and nachos in one sitting. Food at RedBox was good especially if matched with San Miguel Premium Beer. I drank a bottle and a half to show some respect for the one who ordered it. Honestly, I wanted to drink iced tea and we just danced and sang the night away.

Went home at around 2am with some good 90's-boyband-music inside a cab with a Bisaya driver from Iligan.

Such a chill night... I should say!


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