Mama Lou's Italian Kitchen in Nuvali

Posted on Sunday, December 8, 2013 |
Yesterday, my friends decided to go to Nuvali instead of going to Tagaytay because we kind of anticipated the unfathomable traffic that we might have to brave on our way there. 

I gave these two ladies some cakes from Mary Grace since Honey just celebrated her birthday days ago and Kaye just bought a new car. The night before, Kaye was craving for something sweet too.  Thought that they might like something from Mary Grace MakatiMed Branch because I too am a fan of their Tiramisu cake.  The kind of sweetness is just right and won't let your blood sugar levels shoot up to the maximum

I like this picture so much because it shows off my new Herschel-inspired bag but I look so big in this photo beside my friend Larry. 

We had a short stopover at KFC Shell Station along SLEX because we waited for our friend Jake. We had a difficult time looking for a parking space in Glorietta so we left him in Manila thinking that he might still be going around Market Market. 

Traffic was moderate when we were almost in Nuvali but it went unnoticed since all we did was laugh inside the car as we made fun of each other.  

We went around Solenade Two to look for a place to have dinner and found Mama Lou's.  With the intention of having a nice background on our photos and not to mention selfies, we went inside Mama Lou's Italian Kitchen.  I wanted a full meal with rice but ended up ordering Spaghetti Seafood Olio (Php 315) thinking that the presentation on the menu photo will be same.  I was quite disappointed with the presentation because it looked very normal. 

Presentation is very important to me as a blogger because I love sharing it on Instagram, Facebook and of course here.  But I gave it another chance to redeem itself as food should taste good too.  They say never judge a book by its cover.  

When I started eating, I couldn't stop until my plate was clean and finished all the seafood in it without any regrets. It was good. 

Went plate hopping and tasted the Salpicao (Php 295) that Honey and Jake ordered.  It was not as good as the one in Tapella because the meat was difficult to chew but they consumed the whole serving though.

Kaye and Larry shared Mama Lou's Special Pizza (Php 350) which has tomato, mozzarella, prosciutto, mango, arugula, and balsamic cream.  It was good for 3 people and quite a steal for its price. 

It has a good register on the camera too. Very yummy looking and lived up to my expectation.  I highly recommend this if you eat at this restaurant.  

Before going home we went to some outlet stores like ALDO and we all went crazy but decided not shop because of the Christmas bonus uncertainty. 

Larry bought a pair of black shoes for work that costs Php 1500 which formerly sold for Php 5000.  Good deal, indeed! 

We drove back to Manila and had a short stopover at Starbucks to keep us awake.  A good dose of caffeine is necessary for late night drives, not that I drive but I want to keep my driver awake anyway so I had to have the energy too.  

We wanted to comeback this coming weekend for another roadtrip and probably do some more shopping.  In this group, things can be a little random and you have to expect the unexpected.  

At the end of the day, I just  had to thank God for another smooth sailing workweek and for giving me the chance to enjoy life at its fullest! 

Bisoux... Til our next adventure! 


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