Subic Summer: Mini Weekend Getaway Day 1

Posted on Tuesday, April 8, 2014 |
I have been looking forward for this mini summer getaway all week.  So I slept early the night before and woke up early. Though we were not able to leave at five, I was proud of the group because we left at eight in the morning and went straight for breakfast at Pancake House Greenfiel District.  Everybody was famished as we braved the traffic along EDSA. 

I ordered Perfect Match (bacon, eggs, hashbrown, and bread) while everyone else ordered longganisa (not on the photo).  We also discovered that Pancake House serves SPAM for breakfast and my spam-crazy friends were elated. 

We arrived in Subic at around 1:00 pm and had lunch at Seafood By The Bay.  These fishes posted and pasted on the glass doors caught my attention.

Baby Boy and I were in matching workout clothes.  I'm so smitten because we did not plan the "matchy matchy" get up. 

I impersonated Buddha and was so happy to be thinner than the statue. 

They have very disturbing restroom art.  The boys are going to ogle about this. 

I was very bothered that this was a very spontaneous trip with no hotel reservation.  Imagine my face in full panic and horror under the scorching heat of the sun after eating lunch.

The odds were on our favor that day because beside the restaurant where we ate lunch is a new hotel with two availble rooms ready for occupancy. 

Baby Boy, his cousin, Ning, and Honey were sitting like bosses on the cool hotel lobby couches before checking-in. 

The room was spacious and clean.  Bed was soft too.  Although it took a little while for the airconditioning device to cool the room up because of the warm weather outside.  

Restroom was clean but was disappointed because they did not install a bidet.  

Us chillin' on the soft bed of our room.  

This is the view of the hotel facing the bay area. 

I was quite worried about not having to stay in Kamayan or Camana Cove because the beach right in front of our hotel was not very conducive for swimming.  But I realized that it has its own charm.  Just a kilometer away from where we were staying is the party area of Subic.  The live bands played the latest songs and the most upbeat tracks.  

This is me and Baby Boy looking so competitive on our billiard game. 

Honey and I chitchatting in between games.  

CJ was enjoying her billiard game with Baby Boy.  It was difficult to distract her and have pictures.  Dani, the Persian-Noy, was trying to be nice that night.  He did not make fun of me. That's a feat actually.  

This is only the first day and the first night.  We had some Jack Daniels and  San Miguel Beer Apple after a heavy dinner.  

I think we're growing old.  We love the noise but we don't like the thought of dressing up for it.  And we went home at 01:00 am.  That's too early but we still had fun.  

When you're older you somehow prioritize the quality of time you've spent with friends than the quantity.  

Ended the night young while boys spent more of the time somewhere.  They even tricked me that they went to a gay bar.  Which I highly doubt they'll try. 

Its fun in Subic and its charming in its own way. 


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