Twenty Twelve Part 1

Posted on Wednesday, January 11, 2012 |
Hello 2012!!!

Happy New Year guys! =) How's your 2012 so far? Is it driving you mad already?

I don't know what happened to starting my 2012 right. It could be the fact that I did not really end my year right by drinking plenty of water after eating too much chocolates. So the way I see it? I have contributed to its not-so-healthy start. But as they say, some events are just too difficult to control and some are just inevitable.

On the first day of the year, I got my most dreaded tonsillitis and I started to feel cold in the evening and it was so damn difficult to swallow food. The last time I had this was early last year and it wasn't a very pleasant experience because the medications were very expensive. That time, I did not have the privilege of getting free medications from the hospital pharmacy because I was not yet a regular employee.

So although I had a difficult time sleeping the whole night, I still went to MakatiMed to have myself checked and yah! I was right... My tonsils were inflamed. I noticed that my tonsillar lymph nodes were very palpable. Well, the good news is I am not getting a tonsillectomy soon because I haven't had such sickness in the past few months. Its the least of my wishes for 2012.

I forgot the name of the doctor who checked me up but I knew she knew what she was doing. She prescribed some Paracetamol for the fever, Zithromax for the infection and the exudates, and Bacticide gargle to free my mouth from all the bacteria that might cause more infection. She also gave me 3 days of sick leave which means that I am not going to work on the first day of the year.

To be continued....


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