Seven Dangers to Human Virtue

Posted on Saturday, January 28, 2012 |

♥ Wealth without work

Good thing? I have work and I'm not really wealthy... So hindi ako masyadong guilty sa part na to... I worked hard on what I have... Diba? Bongga! Masyado akong guilty.... HAHAHA!

Pleasure without conscience
Dito ako tinamaan... Although yah... I do have a conscience... Sometimes I just like being bad and I am perfectly good at it. LOL!

Knowledge without character

Di ako affected! Self-rigteous talaga noh?

Business without ethics

Just yesterday, someone from work invited me for USANA... I have seen some of pictures of friends using this product and I was really interested. But then, I am just reluctant with the amount of money that I am supposed to shell out. Good thing they kinda gave me another option of just doing retail but I need to learn the business. I think networking is not bad but yah... Nobody ever became so rich with networking... I might have to tell the person who recruited me that I am not interested. I easily get giddy with new things and I dont wanna be "paasa". I can give retailing a try anyway sans the networking.

Science without humanity

In fairness, mabait ako sa mga patients ko. Even when my patients are irritable, always try my best to make friends with them... Rapport kung rapport! =)

Religion without sacrifice

No comment ako dito... I am not in the best position to evaluate myself because feeling ko kulang talaga ako sa part na to. I dont even get to go to church regularly on a Sunday. Minsan kasi tinatamad ako and its not an excuse I know... Kaya gusto ko talaga mag-pass sa aspect na to.. =) But I believe in God... Intact naman ang religious beliefs ko kahit na may mga nami-meet akong atheists.

Politics without principle

Hmp! Kaloka ang current situation ng country natin. Consider me apathetic but I'll just let the Senator Judges give their decision on Chief Justice Corona. I don't know who to believe. Ayoko maging judgmental... Bad din daw yun!


Actually, I just saw the list on one of my friends Facebook account. It made me look into myself and helped me decide whether I should go out partying tonight or not. Well? I am not going out tonight that's a promise. Hope I won't break it.

Anyway, I hope you get to evaluate yourselves too... Its worth the reflection... Trust me! =)


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