The Lovely Kara Has Arrived

Posted on Wednesday, March 21, 2012 |

My summer started early when my best friend Kara arrived from New Jersey last March 5.

In one of our trips to the mall which is just a bridge away from the hotel... The same spot where we saw Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes who we taught was Heart Evangelista and Daniel Matsunaga... (LONGEST CAPTION!!!)

At the poolside, making the most of our hotel stay...

I did not get the chance to pick her up at the airport because I was on-duty so I went directly to EDSA Shangri-la bringing some Chicken Joy (2 pcs), Jolly Spaghetti, and sans the Peach Mango pie because it was out of stock. (Grrrrr!)

I know how famished she was! =)) And I know how much she missed Jollibee.

I was very excited because it was almost a year ago since the last time I saw her and we always had the most fond of memories.

First, we had to go to Shangri-la Mall because she needed some hair-pampering. I was more than willing to be her chaperon. Catch-up moments at the salon can be fun.

After freshening up, we just waited for her cousin Justine and went straight to Agave where our other friends hung out.

The common denominator is? Justine! =) While waiting for our orders...

Had some chimichangas, nachos, and unlimited Margarita which tasted like pure sugar.

Patty, ViVi, Kara and GJ ---- Showing off our best poses!

Only one person liked this photo on Facebook.... Don't you think this photo is pretty? HAHAHA!

It was time to level up the fun so we went to Skye Lounge at W Tower. The place was pretty chill and the plastic grass was relaxing to the feet. The people weren't dancing so I obliged and danced the night away.

No caption needed! LOL!

The world is a big dance floor! =)


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lovin' the red in your ensemble.

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Thanks Lili for dropping a comment... =)

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