Nutrition Month Culminating Activity at MakatiMed

Posted on Tuesday, July 30, 2013 |

Yesterday, I hosted the 39th Nutrition Month Culminating Activity organized by the Nutrition and Dietetics Department of Makati Medical Center. 

I feel honored that they chose me to host the event because food is very close to my heart.  

That's me hosting with much gusto as I introduced the chefs who will do the cooking demonstration. 

Chefs Allen, Ana, and Martin showing the audience how to make French Toast with Peaches and Cream. 

Among the three, my favorite is Chef Martin Babasa because he still looked fresh even after the cooking demonstration.  It was so nice of him to pose with me during his cooking break.  I came to know his name through a friend on Instagram.  

I had so much fun yesterday considering all the tension I had to go through before I was allowed to host the event.  

I'd be more than happy to host the said event next year and I hope they'll inform me ahead of time.  Had I known? I could've worn a vegetable inspired outfit.  


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