Duo at Serendra Piazza

Posted on Saturday, April 5, 2014 |
One of the most unappreciated restaurants around the Serendra Piazza complex is Duo.  My theory is that their logo does not look classy.  It looked like a logo I made through the Paint application on Windows on my desktop  when I was in high school.  That time, I can say my aesthetics in design weren't as good.  I was an amateur and we all go through that phase. LOL! 

The waiters were very helpful though and they really did their best to make us feel comfortable as we wanted to get the tables outside for most of us smoke. 

The watermelon shake was too sweet and I had to dilute it with another glass of water. 

Food was good and of course I cannot recall our orders.  No dish stood out but it was good.

Us in our happy-face-after-dinner. 

Played with Bobby, my new found pet friend that night.  Really thought he'd bark at me but it was soooo cute of him not to go ballistic in my arms. 

This was my #ootd as in Outfit Of The Day, wore a Topman shirt, 21men shorts, Coach bag, and Yohji Yamamoto shoes that I embellished a long time ago.  

Food was great. Weather was warm but not uncomfortable. Conversations were fun. 

Will not go back to Duo.  At least I can say, I have tried it. 


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