Soms Noodle House at Rockwell

Posted on Saturday, August 2, 2014 |
I've been in Manila for almost 7 years and I cannot recall eating at this place but I have heard about it from friends who studied at the Ateneo Law School.  I've also heard that Georgina Wilson and boyfriend Borgy Manotoc regularly eats here.  

Last Monday was one of the best days of my life as I've received my visa for Canada.  I couldn't feel more excited for this big move as better opportunities are coming my way.  

So when Honey and Jake, both my friends, thought of celebrating for this news, I suggested that we try Soms.  We actually checked out El Chupacabra too but unfortunately the place was full.  

This is how their menu looks like. 

Jake ordered beef stake, I ordered pork satay, and Honey ordered chicken wrapped in banana leaves.  I honestly forgot the name. I did not like the pork satay because it was too difficult to chew but I liked the chili sauce that goes with it.  My favorite was Jake's beef stake because it has the right amount of sweetness.  The best part of the dinner was their P20 rice and the food was not very expensive.  

Enjoy your meal is thaan aa-hăan hâi à-râwy ná in Thai! (ทาน อาหาร ให้ อร่อย นะ) 


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