Love You Like A Love Song (Music Bank - Timog, Quezon City)

Posted on Sunday, October 9, 2011 |

I dont know what happened but we did not enjoy Republiq that night. There were cute boys there but it just was not enough. I was quite disappointed.

So I decided that we try Music Bank to sing our hearts out. The night should not end without us finding what we really wanted to do.

Alas! We found out that singing was our thing. Dancing isnt (Only that night!)

While waiting for our turn to have our singing rooms... A short photo-op does the magic in killing time.... We were dead tired! We had a very long day! Trust me!

This is Dion Ignacio with girlfriend and friends. I used to have a crush on this guy. I was quite surprised. I thought he went OUT already. But maybe that was just a press release. I seriously thought he was gay. He was very nice and handsome that night. Making kulit with waiters.

Had to hide the stoggy with a star... I got my bracelets from Techya's shoes! Very innovative! =)

Pretty Techya... Will you believe me if I tell you that she has two cute kids already?

We finally enjoyed the singing... It was just so much fun!

We kinda felt that we were not the clubbing people anymore... Getting old? I dont think so. HAHAHA!


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