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Posted on Sunday, October 9, 2011 |
As of this writing, I am at GJ's place after a night of singing and eating at Music Bank.

Reading posts from Chuvaness always inspire me to write and also share my thoughts. It gives me more objectivity. I like how brave she is when she airs her POV's.


So anyway, this post is about Barcino. One of the high-end places that I dont really get to eat at when I feel poor. It usually means spending a fortune to eat paellas and drinking reim de reig tintos. I dont even know if I said it right. So when I feel the need to social-climb. I go to these places. Once in a while, its nice to play "rich girl". HAHAHA! Emphasis on the "girl".

It was actually Lea who told me that Barcino is the best place for wine and cheese. She mentioned some of their hard to remember dishes and cheeses to my amusement.

But my first Barcino was with Ryan, Honey, and Lerry. I think it was the time when we had dinner at California Pizza Kitchen and for some R&R we went drinking at Barcino. By the way, I got so drunk because Ryan and I were chasing each others shots.

The second one was with family and friends. That was the time when I wore a librarian-encyclopedia-salesperson ensemble.

Everytime we go out partying, as in the past few instances that we did. We always meet up at Barcino to have some beer or wine before we go for hardcore dancing and gyrating at a certain club.

This time, we were heading to Republiq but of course, before everything else, we had to make sure that our tummies arent deprived.

If you want rice-meals as in the heavy kind, Barcino isnt the best place for you. But if you can tolerate bread in your system, then you'll enjoy it here. I think it also helped that I was kinda tapering my daily intake of rice.

I remember enjoying a platter of Chorizo Picantes Frito and I loved it. There were other chorizos on the platter which inclused Bilbao. It was really good. I wanted to eat rice with it.

We were so full that I hardly finished it. I also enjoyed the lentejas de casa which is the high-end version of "monggo". It was like couture of all monggos!

Barcino Buds - Gj aka Lady Bug, Techya, Jennylyn and ViVi

After Barcino, we hopped inside a cab for Republiq. The travel was fast and now we're game for a lot of dancing...

To be continued...


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