ViVi loves Republiq

Posted on Sunday, October 9, 2011 |

After having dinner and some beer at Barcino, we took a cab and had our dancing shoes ready. Thanks to Patty for the guest list.

Republiq was not as jam-packed compared to the other Saturdays. It was pretty much "chill" plus I wanted R&B instead of trance.

Danced a little.... Sight-seeing some more...

Funny thing? Koreans dancing on the ledge. NOT COOL! I can't describe the choreography. It was as if they were trying to have gay sex. They were effortlessly funny. I was very amused.

Babes and Brian were there too... But they just had a few beers at Cafe Republiq. They suggested that we try Opus but unfortunately it was too crowded.

I saw a few of my celebrity friends Rocco Nacino and Zanjoe Marudo.

A short photo-op... =)

Techya and Gj while thinking of our next stop ... It was 3AM but we wanted more... So I suggested Music Bank!


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