Pink Panda: Southeast Asian Diner

Posted on Saturday, February 22, 2014 |

Fridays are worth looking forward for because its the day of the week where you just chill and think of happy thoughts! (Wow! Long intro!) Look at these cute little pandas lying down on these cutesy pink flowers. That's exactly how I feel on Fridays. 

To achieve that feel-good vibe on a Friday, we went to this restaurant named Pink Panda by the Celebrity Chef Erwan Heussaff along Makati Avenue. 

I was expecting for pink interiors.  (Seriously?) Yes! Pink interiors for Pink Panda. (Why not? Hahaha!).

The place was not drenched in pink but I love it.  I like its modern-industrial-gone-artsy look. My other friend told me that the ceiling looks unfinished! (This is from a friend who does not know Erwan Heussaff!) 

While waiting for our food, I recognized some TV personalities from the other table namely Aaron Atayde and Bom Gonzales.

Their table for God-knows-how-many.

Our table for two. 

I already have a new favorite - General P's Chicken! (Php 290) It is their version of the orange chicken but this time it has some dried chilis sprinkled with fried peanuts.  We thought it was very spicy but it wasn't so it turned out to be our new fave that night. 

This one is B & B's (Php 480) which probably stands for beef and broccoli.  Black Angus Ribeye Cubes cooked medium-rare was amazingly good and the stir-fried broccoli and mushrooms completed the whole satisfying experience.

The icing on top of tonights cake is seeing Erwan in the flesh!

Let's crop the girl and zoom in! 

Let me now serve you, the main course.  Chef du jour, himself! 

Erwan should've assured me that there were no pandas harmed to get this whole experience. (LOL!)

Some salakots and a bike hanging on the wall which we love! 

I am already thinking of coming back even before finishing my plate.  It was sooooo goood and according to our chef friend, the price was reasonable for the food.  Though I might argue that the steamed rice was very expensive at Php 60.  (I had to eat at least one cup!)

Nevertheless? I was a happy pink panda when I got out of the restaurant.  My friend, Honey, felt the same way by the looks of it.  

Pink Panda is the in-house restaurant of Y2 Residence Hotel located at 4687 Santiago St. corner B. Valdez & Singian Sts., Makati City, Philippines.  

For reservations, contact the following:

Phone:+632 224-3000 loc 3057


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