Mr. Jones at Greenbelt 5

Posted on Sunday, February 2, 2014 |

We've been going around Greenbelt for most of the afternoon, so it came to the point of exhaustion considering that I was not really shopping.  I was just helping a friend decide on whether to buy this Tory Burch tote made of Saffiano leather in pink.  

Here's a photo of my friend having her moment with the said bag. 

While we were trying to distract her from
buying the bag, we went around the mall to look for a place to eat and found  Mr. Jones.  

I was not as hungry but I thought of treating myself to something oily so I flipped through the Mr. Jones' Best Selling Overloads Corner of the menu.  I was so giddy as I picked Chicken Tocino (Php 320) served with two eggs any style, garlic rice, atchara and spicy vinegar.   

Honey ordered Jone's Famous U.S. Ribcap Tapa (Php 320) and shared it with our very distressed friend Kristine.  

We talked about all things under the sun and some remnants of our not-so-distant past.  We shared secrets the way girlfriends should and promised to seal it with a pinky swear. Seriously felt like high school again. 

I was wrong in thinking that our friend, Kristine, forgot the bag because after dinner we went back to the Tory Burch store thrice and had some more episodes of sweaty palms and palpitations.  I was quite amazed at the sight of a real shoppaholic.

She was very thankful to Honey at the end of day for not supporting her impulsiveness  because as Honey puts it, she has Balenciagas and Givenchys that have been used for only a few times only.  An addition to her stock of unused bags in her closet was not necesarry.

The food at Mr. Jones was good but not exceptional considering its price.  So on my next visit, maybe we'll try some other dish.  


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