Chinese New Year 2014 at Sofitel Manila

Posted on Sunday, February 2, 2014 |
I have always dreamt of a Sofitel experience.  I like the way it sounds for some unknown reason. Can you imagine my excited face when a friend invited me to Sofitel for free? 

On my way there, I already had these poses inside my head.  

That's me modeling this Phillip Lim Pashli Bag.... The color reminds me that summer's almost here.... ☺️

I am not a fan of their room though.  I find it a bit old but yes its livable.  There's a need to repaint the chairs.  

This is the working table and I am digging their lamp! 

At the poolside, I ordered Sofitel's signature cocktail which is the Thousand Island Drink.  I'd still go for a mango shake though.  Still went well with my kindle before I started feeling sluggish and sleepy.  

I almost forgot that it was Chinese New Year and had to be reminded by the Wooden Horse! I think its so Vreeland and a little bit creepy according to a friend.  I think the concept is cute though.  Very high fashion.  

Spare me Spirals because I am calorie-counting these days. 

I can stay here for free but I am still choosing Solaire if I am paying for it because its cleaner.  The way to Sofitel
along Macapagal was creepy because it was too dark and the government has to take notice.

On a lighter note, kudos to our servers who really went out of their way to smile at us and charge my phone.  iPhone's can be quite a bummer when it comes to battery life. Some simple things can't go unnoticed.

Special thanks to my friend Elyn aka Boom Sasoon for the experience.  


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