Toby's Estate With Bruno

Posted on Friday, May 23, 2014 |

It was a beautiful Sunday morning and I just woke up from the soft pillows and beds of Manila Peninsula.  All the dancing from Ann and Lar's wedding had my feet so swollen that I did not want to get out if bed.  But I realized that I have agreed to have lunch with my new Portuguese friend.

While getting ready, I took a selfie. 

And another selfie. 

After all the selfies, I got ready for my lunch with the Portuguese CEO hottie of iMoney Philippines and Malaysia, Bruno.  

It was very warm outside Toby's Estate  but we did not have any choice because the place was jampacked. 

I ordered Chorizo Burger and Bruno mentioned that he highly recommends it. 

It did not disappoint me though because it tasted so good.  Had I known that he was paying for it I should've ordered more even though it may seem too much already.  

This is Bruno in his just-woke-up face.  He wanted me to spare him from any photos but I did not give him what he wanted. 

This is my just-woke-up face too! Hahahahahaha!!! 😜😄😂 I actually came prepared. I just had to. 

Nevertheless, I think I enjoyed Toby's better this time because it was free.  I just find everything so expensive.  You know how much of a cheapskate I am. 

Bruno and I had so much fun discussing everything from politics to his misadventures in Cafe Havana Greenbelt.  He has always been funny and witty and quite a charmer even to older women.  He keeps getting indecent proposals which he does not mind. Surely. 

Bruno took me to a cab and I went home while he proceeded to get a haircut at guess where? Bruno's Barber Shop! How funny can it get! 


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