Do It Yourself (DIY) Golden Shoes

Posted on Thursday, April 17, 2014 |
When I went to Japan last August 2013, I had a whole lot of wardrobe waiting for me at the hotel the moment I arrived.  My Sweetie Pie ordered it months before the said trip and was just directly delivered to Prudential Residental Towers, our place of residence.  

But its not about the trip because this time, its about the shoes.  Sweetie Pie got this from Amazon and the brand name is Another Number by Lucius.  I've never really heard about the brand but I love the design and the color.  Its not so difficult to find trousers and shirts that will match its color. 

I wore it when we went to the sulfuric mountains near Mt. Fuji. 

Also wore it when went to Meiji Jingu Temple. 

Another #ootd or Outfit Of The day at the Imperial Palace grounds.

And of course, before coming back to the Philippines aboard Delta Airlines. 

After some time, I stopped using it because it was looking dirty and ugly.  I was really sad because it was my favorite and I've had some really nice memories with these pair of shoes.  

So I thought of redesigning it and bring it to a whole new level from drab to fab without breaking the bank. 

The materials you need for this project are the following: old shoes, gold dust (Php 165), and glue (Php 55).

This is how it looks like before the fairy sprinkled gold dust all over the place. 

Started spreading glue on the top part of the shoes to have a feel on how it will look like after the project. 

And voila! A new pair of golden dancing shoes. 

I'm wearing this at a friends wedding this weekend and I will make sure that I will get to post it soon on the blog. 

Go get some old shoes and turn it into a feast of gold fabuluscious! 


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