Aracama With Ate Miks

Posted on Saturday, April 5, 2014 |
I always get excited whenever a friend comes over for vacation and it does not matter where they are from.  I like being the hostess because I enjoy showing off the sights and sounds of Metro Manila.

This time I am hosting a friend coming home from Maryland, USA.  She was my classmate in College Algebra but we were not very close then.  We became close when she started working for Cebu Pacific as a flight attendant before leaving for the US.  She's currently working as nurse there.  

I suggested that we have light dinner at Aracama thinking that we might have enough time for some drinks before midnight as the socialization starts a little late for this resto. (So I've heard!)

Here's Ate Miks, as I fondly call her that, in her denim top and her long legs!  

And this is me in super short shorts to expose my hairy legs.

Sangria Rojo goes well with this Malunggay Mozzarella Dip made of 
spinach and vitamin fortified creamy, cheesy brulee and crostinis for scooping for the low low price of Php 195.

Wrapped the night up with a handful of laughters.  I don't know when she'll be coming back but hoping that it will be for her marriage.  

Aaaaah! Good times.... 


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