Fely J's Greenbelt + The Bayleaf Hotel Intramuros

Posted on Wednesday, April 23, 2014 |
It was a bummer to be working on a Black Saturday but Dra. De Leoz - Panigbatan treated us to some sandwiches from Starbucks.  

The good thing about having to go on-duty on a holiday weekend is that there are less patients to care for.  My duty ended early and so I decided to meet up with my friend Joni Mae at Fely J's Greenbelt for lunch. 

Met Joni Mae's family and her Greek fiancé, Nikos.  So happy that they loved the food.  Its my first time here and I suggested that we eat at this restaurant.  Imagine the horror if the food was not great.  But thank God, everything went well.  

Everybody was happy with the sisig and the kamias shake.  

After lunch, we walked around Intramuros for a little bit of culture in this walled city in Manila. 

Below is the interior of the Manila Cathedral.  

Suddenly it all flashed back when this city was a major thoroughfare in the past.  

I got a very nice photo of the silhouette of the tower of the Manila Cathedral.  

My Greek and English friends were thirsty, they wanted to buy a beer while walking but to their dismay they were only offered water. 

San Agustin Church looks majestic from the outside. 

The wood carving on the door was meticulously done.  I could think how spiritual the people were during those times because they have dedicated their lives to such beauty. 

The interior of San Agustin Church was more spectacular with its intricate designs.  

Some more old buildings inside Intramuros.  

I managed to strike a pose on the walls of Intramuros.  You just have to be tolerant because the smell of pee is quite common.  

The Bayleaf Hotel has a very good view of the Intramuros golf course. 

We had to chill at The Bayleaf Hotel's 9 Spoons Restaurant because it was scorching hot outside.

The airconditioning system of the restaurant was so good I did not want to go out to the real world.  

These are our happy faces sipping some margarita, beer, and tequila.  

I am of no match to these afternoon alcoholics. But yes, I did try to catch up but still of no match.

While waiting for the famous Manila Bay Sunset at The Sky Deck View Bar of The Bayleaf Hotel.  

David was starting to feel the alcohol to kick-in and did this drunken pose. 

The wait was worth it. 

I highly recommend this place for some rest and relaxation especially if you have foreign guests because they get to experience the beauty and silhouettes of a city rich in culture and love.


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