I Heart NUVALI!!! - Part 2

Posted on Wednesday, August 7, 2013 |
They have a building in Nuvali that looks a little less than The Louvre in Paris.  It looks really nice on pictures and very posh. 

I had to do a jump-shot because it was so nice to have glass and greens for photo backdrop.  

This fish food costs 15 pesos and the kois love it so much.  

Here's Patty modeling or should I say supermodeling the fish food with Kuya who gave us a heads up that the Zobel de Ayala's were coming to unveil the art instillations that did not happen.   

That's me feeding the kois

These kois were so hungry  as if they'd kill for the food but the fishes look really healthy. 

The ducks can be very competitive too.  I was wondering why they were not eating the kois

To be continued... 


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