Villa Del Conte: A Taste of Italian Sweetness

Posted on Friday, August 30, 2013 |

I was so excited to taste the chocolate that our visitor from Taiwan gave us.  Jin, that's her name, is here to teach us how to use this new machine we purchased from Siemens.  

The packaging was exceptionally posh.  It looked very expensive.  We were impressed with the taste of this foreigner.  

Inside the box is the drawing of this building.  I thought there might be a short history of where the chocolate is from but there's none.  So I went to the internet and found one from Anton Borromeo.  I was very surprised with what I found.  Its a Filipino brand. 

My personal favorite is the praline ball in milk chocolate with hazelnut cream filling with cereals.  That's the one wrapped in silver tin foil.  

So yummy, I forgot to take a picture of the chocolate of note.

Thanks Jin for the sweet treat! 

For more info on the chocolates, please go to


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