For Our Canadian Friends

Posted on Sunday, August 4, 2013 |

Last Friday night, I was so excited to go out because I won't have duty the next day.  It was the best time to get drunk and be merry and just burst all that pent up energy for the whole week.  I want to call it my last Hurraaaah for the week. 

It was just so timely because our friends Leana and Hansel arrived that morning from Canada.  
I was quite late because I had to finish some work at MakatiMed.  But as soon as I was done I went straight to Mary Grace in Greenbelt 2 where they waited for me after their sumptuous meal at Seafood Island.  They all looked lethargic when I saw them because they were so full.  

When it started to get a little warm and our Canadian friends started to feel a little too sticky, we decided to look for an air-conditioned place that will allow us to smoke, drink, and chill all at one time.  And my brilliant suggestion --- Dillinger's!!!! 

L-R: VitoriVita, Leana, Hansel, Mica, Tanya, Michael

We had to get some photo op before Tanya and Michael leaves.  They had to leave early because of work the next day.   But Michael promised that we'll see each other before I leave for Japan because he'll let me borrow a sweater that has an Osaka print in it! I am so excited!!!!! 

L-R: Hansel, Leana, Mica, Honey, Tanya, Michael, VitoriVita

I called Honey and asked her to join us because I am meeting up with fellow Sillimanians.  As soon as she was done with work, she went straight to Dillinger's for some Friday night fun. 

And then shots came from one of the owners of the place because he's friends with our friend Mica. That's him wearing a baseball Billabong cap.  He came back with three more different set of drinks for us - Hottaburn, Jagger Bomb, and Lemon Drops.  My brain stopped working on my last shot of Hottaburn.  

That's Mica before all the shots. 

And moments later, she was all over the place for the rest of the night. Hahaha!!! 

We wanted to blame Jack too for our craziness! 

And then Hansel wanted to have a photo with me because we had to do a lot of catching up because we used to be classmates in Don Bosco.  That time, I was not yet out and about. Hahaha! 

While we were busy dancing, other people at the bar were so engrossed with the basketball game on TV. But we did not mind, we even joined their occasional shouting and cheering for their favorite team.

It was a very fun Friday night and the next  photo needs some parental guidance.  

I like doing the twerk and this guy was very very helpful. 

I will let the picture do the talking. 


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