Thai .... Oh! Thai.... Oh Simply Thai!

Posted on Friday, August 30, 2013 |
Patty and I wanted something new for our Friday nights.  So while walking to Greenbelt because no taxi would take us as passengers, we already have so many restaurants in mind.  I suggested Mom and Tina's and Patty agreed that she has been very curious about this restaurant for quite a long time.  

But the moment we arrived at Greenbelt, it just came to our minds that we wanted a place where there's people walking around. People watching!!! 

We passed by Tapella, our old hang out and went straight to Simply Thai.  

Their menu is very Lacoste! 

I ordered Cinnamon Pork Ribs with Thai Jasmine Rice.  Its a very generous serving for one so I shared it with Patty.  It was really good and tasted like my favorite "humba" minus the oily sauce. 

Patty ordered Chicken Curry but forgot its Thai name but thought that its Thai name sounded better than just plain curry.  Just a word of warning, this dish is very spicy and hot.  Look at the blue flame below the serving pan.  That's how hot it is.  Aside from its notable hotness, it also is very ambrosial. 

We finished everything in seconds considering that I thought of not ordering rice.  We wanted to order another serving of the Thai Jasmine Rice but we were watching our diet.  We are trying to master the art of discipline and control in our own little ways.  

Their food goes well with a bottle of San Miguel Beer Light but yah, it goes well with almost every Asian food.  

It was our second time to eat here and we love it still.  For everything Thai? Go Simply Thai! 


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