Makin It So Difficult For McV

Posted on Monday, June 21, 2010 |

McV cannot decipher why McA can't even make a wall post on his Facebook Wall. McV then thought that McA is not proud of him as a friend. That McV will never be good enough to be someone McA can be very proud of. That McA cannot just post something on McV's wall because other people might think that McA is gay. Maybe this is just McV's paranoia because he saw McA's post on his friends wall.

But for now, McV is OK with it. He can still live with it. He wants to focus on the people who love him back because he learned that he should only love the people who can love him back. McV just needs assurance and is sad because he is not getting any. Well, my question to McV is... "Do you really need a wall post from McA?" And McV knows the answer... but is not satisfied...


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