Staying away from potentially sticky situations....

Posted on Thursday, June 24, 2010 |

I don't know what crossed my mind when I panicked after seeing his comment on one of our friends pictures. It was not something worth panicking. But yah... I still panicked. It was the urge that I wanted to talk to him that made me send a message on Facebook and on Yahoo Messenger. I wanted to talk to McA because I wanted to catch up on what is happening with his life. However, he did not reply to any of my messages. My initial reaction was to browse and choose among my 1,000++ friends on Facebook and pick the best-person-to-talk-to-in-times-of-distress.

Then I picked Angie. I picked her because I knew she'd reply right away knowing her reputation as a certified netizen even at the workplace. I wanted to talk to her because the whole situtation was new to her which eliminates all sources of bias. Her suggestion was to let McA know that I miss him so much and if that sounds very uncomfortable then I can tell it to him in Cebuano. (Which by the way was more dyahe!). I cannot imagine myself telling McA, "Gimingaw kaayo ko nimo Bay." Hence, I wanted to hear another opinion.

I finally clicked on JM's name after not talking to her for the longest time. After narrating to her everything that I'm going through at the moment, she said "Noooooo don't fall! hehehe hold on! Stay away from potentially sticky situations.. kanang mga walay klaro, walay angay. Yeah.. and if it's too hard, sometimes distance helps.. not forever, but for a while.. until you can be his friend, just his friend.."

Basically, I got over it. I was over the idea that McA and me will ever be boyfriends again. We were meant to be friends and we function well when we stay in that circle. I was just surprised at how easily I got over the idea. Prior to that realization, I thought I'm gonna be in deep shit. But then, I felt better and I totally understood JM's point.

I then talked to Darcy with a happy heart. Since she has her own issues too, I allowed her to do the talking and I felt a lot better knowing that amidst my own drama, I can still afford to listen to other people's problems.

Indeed, some moments require friends insights because there are things that you don't see because you are just too blinded. In some cases, we refuse to see.


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