Until When

Posted on Friday, June 25, 2010 |
McVee was too bored at home and he needed a dose of McSt. So he sent a message to McSt that says, "I don't know if it is still a good idea to see you but I think there are still a lot of things that we need to discuss."

McSt replied and said, "I think so too and I have to make bawi for the emotional turmoil I caused you."

"I'm free tomorrow. We can talk about us over coffee." McVee was smiling while texting.

The next day McVee was very excited. Looking at his face, he was all smiles from ear to ear. He hurriedly went out of the house and told everybody at home that he's going to do something about his license at PRC. But we all know the truth, he is going to meet up with McSt at Starbucks.

McSt was already sipping his Caramel Frapuccino when McVee arrived. McSt's eyes looked tired since he was on the night shift while McVee looked dashing because he slept with a happy heart after receiving the confirmation that both of them are meeting up the next day.

"Hi! You're late, as always." said McSt.

Mcvee smiled and said, "GOSH!!! Traffic was bad and I had to cross the street because the overpass was too far and I did not feel the urge to follow pedestrian rules."

After a series of conversations about other people, McVee tried his luck on opening his issues with McSt. Of course, McVee was very hesitant but he did not see the point of not talking about their own issues.

"I see you're very happy with your new love. But I just wanna know what happened to us. You caught me off-guard by bringing your new love to the party." Mcvee was smiling while flipping his phone pretending that what he just said did not affect him.

"McVee, I realized that I was too patient with you and because of that you took me for granted. I am happy now with my new love and he makes me feel that I am important to him. He makes me feel that I can also be a priority and not just an option."

"I know you are happy and I can see that. I'm sorry. I was just too confident that you love me so much, you wouldn't look for someone new. Well, at least I know now and everything seems clear to me." McVee was teary-eyed but he never felt more at ease with McSt.

"This time, I want to make the right decision of loving someone who loves me more than I love him. I may not love him as much as I love you but I can always give this one a chance. I think I deserve to feel that I am special and I did not feel that with you. I know though that you did not deserve what I did last Saturday and I would like to apologize for that."

At the back of McVee's mind, he was sure that McSt was determined to standby on this decision. Mcvee was just regretful that he took McSt for granted but he took this as a lesson very well learned.

We should not be too confident when someone tells us that he loves us. The real question is "until when?" because frankly, just like seasons, people change so do feelings.

Just when McVee thought it was all over, the moment McVee arrived home, McSt sent a message that said, "I miss you and I don't know if I made the right decision."

*Thanks to Erika Pilangga for the second to the last paragraph. While writing this post, she sent me that message which I thought was very appropriate as a parting paragraph.


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