My Facebook Experiment

Posted on Monday, June 7, 2010 |
If I go online right now, who among my 1,726 friends will chat with me on Facebook? This is my little experiment and I am so excited!!!! =)

Among the 105 friends who were online earlier, only two friends sent me a message. Only two friends needed to chat with me... =)

  • GJ (who has done a pretty good job in the moving-on plane!!! prouda u sistah!!!) I am her small sister.... And honestly, I think her next boyfriend will be the luckiest... I can attest to that... That asshole who broke her heart was WORTHLESS!!!! My sistah... deserves someone better... =) And I think she's coping at the moment... Finding her right to smile again.... =)

  • Philip (who has never moved-on from the past and still asked me about Matth)... =) The sweetest thing he told me was that he missed chit-chatting with me in our room. Oh! I haven't told you that we were roommates(Room 213) in my 2nd year at Silliman University. His task was to make sure that we were well-fed. He combines pancit canton, canned tuna, and mayo in a heater and yah... it tastes good... but you can just think of the smell!!!

Overall.... I think I had meaningful conversations with them earlier... I love sharing my thoughts with them... At some point, I also learn from that they tell me.... Loved the way we had to catch-up.... =) Thanks Guys for the time.... =) Totally appreciate every single minute of it.... And now is the right time to hit the sack... Ciao! ♥


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