V --- Caught Off-guard!!!

Posted on Sunday, June 20, 2010 |

Issues have sprouted out of nowhere. Suddenly, someone was caught off guard with the introduction of a new love. At some point, he thought S will be there the whole time.

V opted to attend the office reunion at some drinking place near ABS-CBN. It was meant to be a feast among friends who wanted to meet-up to at least update each other on each other's lives. But unfortunately, it ended so badly.

V and S have been going out for some time. From steady to rocky then steady and back to being rocky again. All the while V thought that S will be there. That S was happy with their rendezvous. However, S brought a date with him and left V in a very pathetic and loser moment. S had a new guy while V was stuck with himself and some friends who gave a frienly tap on his back but still couldn't fill up the emptiness. V went to a loyal friends place after the drinking that night. Indeed, it was a crying moment but it opened V's eyes that he's not the only one for S. That S is capable of breaking his heart. Because all through out.... V was confident that S will always be there.


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