The Baguio Invitation

Posted on Monday, June 7, 2010 |
Oh my gosh!!!! A friend called earlier and her family is asking me to join them in their Baguio escapade this coming Thursday... Of course I wanna go... Although I know that this isn't the perfect time since the weather is a bit whacked and we should've gone there when the temperature here in Manila was at its highest... Right?

But this trip is not all about me... This about my friend's sister who is going to college and would just like to unwind before the semester starts.

Initially, they planned for a Subic overnight but then since they have a rest house in Baguio then everyone suggested that we can sleep in Baguio then.

I haven't asked permission though but I think I'm not telling my folks about it. They will just see my pictures. But since I have always believed that I am a good son, I'll keep my folks worry-free... I will tell them about it.... Keeping my anxiety level at its lowest... =)


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